Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Simple Tilt Shift Effect

Hi everyone! Today I'll be showing you how to make a super simple Tilt Shift effect in Photoshop.

Here is what we will be making:

What you'll need for this tutorial:
•Rockefeller Center picture, which you can find here.

Lets get started!

Step One: Set up your document
Open up the Rockefeller Center picture in Photoshop.

Step Two: Tracing
Select your Pen Tool and trace around the edges of the buildings as I have done here. The red lines are to show you were!

Step Three: The blur area
Now with your Pen Tool still selected, right click and select Make Selection. Since we want to blur the outside of that area, not the inside, we need to invert the selection. To do that, simply press Ctrl + Shift + I.

Feather the selection by selecting the Marquee Tool, right clicking, and clicking on Feather. Set the Radius to 20 and click OK.

Step Four: The blur
Now to do the Tilt Shift effect. Navigate to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur and input the following settings:

Now you should have something like this:

That wasn't so hard now was it!
This effect can be used on tons of different photos. 
Try it out!

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